Our mission is to create an environment where students are inspired to be their best


When students are truly engaged in learning they find what lights them up, conquer the tough stuff, and open new doors.

Teachers tell us engagement soars when students choose how to demonstrate their learning, when their work feels meaningful, and when they can see their progress. When teachers feel energized and supported, and when they have the insights they need to meet students where they are. When families can support their child’s development throughout the year.

At Seesaw, we’re a team of educators and lifelong learners who wake up everyday thinking about igniting students’ passion for learning and solving the challenges teachers face in making it happen. Nothing motivates us more than hearing from teachers how Seesaw helps their students have powerful learning moments more often, more easily.

Working at Seesaw

  • We're a small team, so you'll have a meaningful impact on our product and company.

  • We are well funded and have an experienced team. Work with the creators & leads of Google Calendar, Picasa, Maps, Facebook Platform, and Twitter.

  • We prioritize work-life balance. We encourage everyone to work at a sustainable pace and have an unlimited vacation policy we take seriously.

  • We care about building a diverse and inclusive team to better advocate for the needs of our incredibly diverse K-12 users.

  • We offer comprehensive benefits including full medical, dental, and vision coverage, paid family leave, free lunch, and 401(k) matching.



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