Seesaw for Schools brings the full power of Seesaw to your classroom, school or district.


Boost Student Learning & Family Connection

Premium features for teachers, year-over-year portfolios, and a streamlined experience for families to help all students succeed.

Get Real-time Insights into Learning

Align Seesaw to your curriculum, show growth on standards, and get unique insights at the student, class, and school level.

Streamline Setup and Data Management

Save teachers time with SIS sync and align use with school/district data preferences through secure, centralized administration of accounts.


Nine out of ten administrators say that Seesaw for Schools was worth spending their budget dollars on and plan to use Seesaw for Schools again next year.  

97% of administrators report that Seesaw helps develop a better relationship with their parent community.

95% of administrators report that Seesaw for Schools helps them use technology more effectively at their school. 

Feature Comparison

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School Success Stories

Learn how other schools are implementing Seesaw for Schools to empower students, engage families and meet their learning goals. 



"Seesaw motivates our students to work harder and to do better because they want to display their work, not only for their parents, but also for their teachers and the administration too.”

Reggie Farmer, Principal
Somerset Academy Stephanie Campus
Las Vegas, NV

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"We use Seesaw in everything we do. The connection with parents is so important in supporting the ethos of our school. There hasn’t been one negative comment out of 740 students! Learning can be anywhere, anytime, anyhow and we’re changing our pedagogy to fit that.”

Cheryl Romer, Assistant Principal
Hilltop Road Public School
New South Wales, Australia

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"Seesaw has provided greater transparency into what is happening in our classrooms ... Seesaw helps conversations happen. And it gives our parents pride, pride about what their child is learning. Parents can carry that around, they can whip out their app and show it off their friends. They love it.”

Jeff Horwitz, Associate Head of School
Chesterfield Day School
St. Louis, MO

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“There’s a real sense of pride when students know they are going to be sharing their work with their parents, teachers and the principal. It’s not just doing something for the teacher, it’s their learning. They feel that ownership of their work. We’ve always told them that, but with Seesaw they really feel it.”

Leree Mazer, Assistant Principal
Assisi Catholic College
Queensland, Australia

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I don’t say this lightly... Seesaw has been an absolute game-changer for teachers. Seesaw is a streamlined way for kids to demonstrate their thinking and understanding in ways that teachers usually don’t see.
— Eric LeMoine, Innovation Strategist (Beaverton School District, Oregon)