Seesaw for Schools

Premium features to save time, foster collaboration and improve family connections — all in one app.

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Save time with premium tools for teachers

  • More robust creative tools, including Multipage and Drafts, unlock new ways for students to demonstrate learning without a bunch of different apps.

  • Make prep more efficient. Schedule Seesaw activities, and save an unlimited number of activities in up to 100 collections.

  • Family Engagement is even easier. Families only sign up once and stay connected across classes and grade levels.


Increase collaboration

  • Connect more co-teachers and specialists to each Seesaw class. It takes a village!

  • Get ideas and share activities with colleagues in your personal School or District Activity Library.

  • Send Private Notes to highlight student progress and gaps, and use Private Folders to organize student work for your eyes only.


Streamline assessment, and more

  • Align posts and activities with your curriculum & show student growth on standards with “Seesaw Skills” - all as part of your existing Seesaw workflow.

  • Portfolios follow students year to year, creating a continuous record of their learning journey that is easily accessible to teachers, families, and students throughout their school career.

  • Automated setup means you never have to create classes, add students, or archive data again.


What Admins Can Expect

Visibility and Connection. School leaders and coaches quickly see the learning happening across the school, understand trends in family engagement, and better support teachers with the admin dashboard. Admins can even celebrate students by commenting directly on Seesaw posts!

Peace of Mind. Schoolwide data settings like “Trusted IP Networks” help align Seesaw with your school/district privacy preferences, and ensure all student data remains connected to your school. You also get premium support, local data storage options, bulk export options and more.

Equity and Consistency. Seesaw for Schools is packed with tools that make it easier for all teachers, students, and families - regardless of knowledge about tech - to get started and use Seesaw effectively. Admins and your IT team make it happen through bulk class setup, nightly SIS sync options, and a powerful admin dashboard.

97% of administrators report that Seesaw helps develop a better relationship with their parent community.

91% of administrators said they saw an increase in parent involvement, and could use Seesaw data to track parent engagement.

95% of administrators report that Seesaw for Schools helps them use technology more effectively at their school. 

Feature Comparison

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